Fill Out AHFX Information Sheets

AH Digital FX Studios, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in our website design services. Please fill out the following to the best of your knowledge.

Step 1 - Company Contact Information
*Contact Name:
Company Name:
Website Address:

Step 2 - Customer Information
Who are your customers?
Demographic - Physical characteristics of your customers
   (i.e. age, gender, income, education, occupation)
Geographic - Location related characteristics of your customers
   (i.e. region, city size, local, national)
Psychographic - Mental characteristics of your customers
   (i.e. motives, lifestyle, personality)
Behavioristic - Action related characteristics of your customers
   (i.e. benefit expectations, price sensitivity, volume usage)

What do your customers need?
What information are your customers seeking?
What main products/services do your customers need? (5-9 items)

Step 3 - Website Strategy
You are building a website to convince (target customer)
to (action you want them to take)
instead of (action you are replacing)
because (reason they should take this action)

Step 4 - Company Information
What are your expectations for the site?
What features would you like to add to the site in the next 2 years?
List any websites that have functionality that you would like to recreate on your website
   (Be specific about what you like/don't like)

Step 5 - Marketing / Branding / Positioning
Company Colors:
Preferred Website Colors:
Do you have an electronic version of your company logo?
What positioning have you created for your product/service
   (when customers think of your product, what comes to their mind?)
How would you like to position your product in your customers' minds?
Does your company have a tag line? What is it?
What is the biggest need met by your company for your customers?
Other Comments
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