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2010 SEO and Website Predictions
SEO and Website Predictions
2010 will be the year of shorter, more concise, and quicker information. I read SEOmoz's 8 predictions for SEO in 2010 and figured I'd make my own (some of which I total agree with SEOmoz. Conversion Rate Optimization will take off. After reading Call to Action by the Eisenberg brothers I was convinced....
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Do You Know These Tips to Quickly Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates
Landing Page Conversions
Increase landing page conversions with these simple tips. Increasing conversions is a big topic lately. Here are some more great ideas from ioninteractive for increasing conversions on your landing pages for this year. Keep your Organic and PPC landing pages separate. Targeted traffic from PPC have...
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Custom URL or Vanity URL for Facebook Pages
Facebook Custom Address URL
How to add a custom "vanity url" to your facebook Pages page. Here is how Facebook describes Page usernames: “Usernames allow public entities to easily promote your presence on Facebook with a short URL. This username can be used in your marketing communications, company website and business...
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