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Shoemoney SEO Contest
Shoemoney has thrown down the gauntlet to other SEOs and challenged them to dethrone him for the keyword "shoemoney". While this is just another SEO contest, Jeremy Schoemaker at Shoemoney has openly admitted that outranking him for #1 for the keyword shoemoney will be next to impossible....
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Free SEO Report - Review
Free SEO Report
A quick review of Shoemoney's "Free SEO Report". I've been a big Shoemoney follower for a long time, but when I read about his latest adventure I was suprised because I had already used the service - Free SEO Report, without knowing that he was behind it. Here is a quick review: The report contains...
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Questions to Ask Your Web Developer
Interviewing Web Designers
Questions to ask before hiring a web developer.  SEOmoz recently posted some questions that they would ask when interviewing web developers. Figured I'd have a go at the questions and let you know where I stand: What Industry sites and blogs do you read regularly? I consistently read Matt Cutts,...
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