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Four Step Formula to Be Successful at Multivariate Testing
Multivariate Testing - MVT
Muiltvariate testing we help quickly increase conversions. Here are the four simple steps to implement multivariate testing. We recently wrote a from the ground up, multivariate testing package to use with all of our upcoming websites. We've always believed in testing, testing, testing, and the iterative...
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The Secret Behind Testing and Measuring on Your Website
Making and Testing Changes
Test Those Things That You Have Control Over
Small changes can have a huge impact on usability and profits of your website. What can you do to know which little things are important? Testing, testing, and more testing. Many things can have an impact on the visitors to your website. Is the background color of your website affecting how long your...
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Why You Need to Use Iterative Website Design
Iterative Website Design
Iterative website design is the process of perfecting your website by testing, evaluating and retesting. As you design your website, you should be focusing on very specific goals. However, how do you know if you are meeting those goals? Iterative web design is the way you can evaluate your progress...
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Do You Know These Tips to Quickly Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates
Landing Page Conversions
Increase landing page conversions with these simple tips. Increasing conversions is a big topic lately. Here are some more great ideas from ioninteractive for increasing conversions on your landing pages for this year. Keep your Organic and PPC landing pages separate. Targeted traffic from PPC have...
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Refine Results in Google
Refine Results with Orion
Google is testing a new way to refine results in their search engine results. People have reported seeing a new "refine results" option for Google searches. This new option appears to break down results into predefined categories and is using the Google "operator" of more:. Once...
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Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Update
Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Update
Are you ready for the newest IE 7 (Internet Explorer 7)? Internet Explorer 7 (or IE 7 for short) will be a nice advance from where Internet Explorer has been for the past 5 years. Always being worried about cross-browser compatibility, I have been "pre-testing" sites in IE 7 to make sure...
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Opening and Closing the Sale
Ask Questions, Listen, Be Persistent
Asking questions, listening, and being persistent can help you open and close more sales.Recently, my monitor blew up. Sparks, terrible smell, and then POOF. Darkness. I hurried and set up my "back up monitor", a dinky little monitor I have setting around for testing broken computers. It became...
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Questions to Ask Your Web Developer
Interviewing Web Designers
Questions to ask before hiring a web developer.  SEOmoz recently posted some questions that they would ask when interviewing web developers. Figured I'd have a go at the questions and let you know where I stand: What Industry sites and blogs do you read regularly? I consistently read Matt Cutts,...
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The Secret to Communicating Your Business Effectively
Blind Spots
Avoid these common website mistakes that keeps your website from communicating effectively. Too many people have the "reading the label from inside the bottle" mentality when they think about their business. A great article by Todd Follansbee still holds true for all businesses online. Here are some...
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SmarterMail Receiving Slowly
After wondering why SmarterMail was receiving so slowly after restarting the MailService, I came across this answer. The performance counters were becoming corrupt. After chasing this little change for 3.5 hours, here is the simple fix (try at your own risk, your mileage may vary): cd \windows\system32 lodctr...
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21 Things That Best Converting Websites Know That You Don't
Increase Conversion Rates
Takeaways from Bryan Eisenberg's talk at SES London 2010. So what do the best converting websites have in common? Communicate unique value proposition – You have 7 seconds to persuade (or 8-10 seconds if you have really, really good content). Establish credibility on every landing page. Make...
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Taking the Time to Do Something Wrong
Worth Doing
Too many people are so nervous that they are going to make a mistake that they let the world pass them by without really getting better. I recently read the following quote in The Wizard of Ads by Roy H. Williams. "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly until I've learned to do it better....
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