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Mozilla Sunbird Project
Mozilla Sunbird
Although not the official name yet, Mozilla's Sunbird project is beginning to take shape. At it's current release, Mozilla Sunbird 0.2, this nice, clean calendaring program is quite user friendly. Sunbird comes with basic task and event options. It also has the ability to add and display...
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Unique Information Will Help You Get Better Rankings
Unique Content equals Better Rankings
Unique content will help you rank better in the search engines. So you have a website and you want to rank well in the search engines. Well, you need to think about what you customers need and then define your unique value proposition. First if you don't understand your customers you will never do...
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What is V7ndotcom Elursrebmem?
V7ndotcom Elursrebmem
SEOs battle it out for Google placement for the keyword "V7ndotcom Elursrebmem" in new SEO contest. Today the Wall Street Journal commented on a new Search Engine Optimization contest for the keywords v7ndotcom Elursrebmem. It seems that this contest has drawn interest from Matt Cutts (the...
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The Right Way to View Your Business
The Right Way to View Your Business
Why does someone visit your website, or more specifically, why is this customer visiting this page at this time? Every time you look at any of your marketing materials (print, web, etc.) I want you to take a moment to think about "why" this customer is taking time from their busy schedule to look...
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Has Customer Service Disappeared?
Customer Service
Are you getting your money's worth or have you noticed that some businesses have lost their customer service? I hope that this is a rare occurrence but I find the following story very odd. Recently a friend of mine went to the dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning. Halfway through the cleaning...
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Integrated Marketing
Integrated Marketing
Integrated marketing is essential to getting a better return on investment (ROI). By integrating all marketing materials you can increase profits at very little expense. What is Integrated Marketing Integrated marketing is more than just having a consistent look and feel to all of your marketing...
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Building a website is easy as P.I.E.
Website Design Tips
The three things that all compelling web sites do are entertain, inform, and provide contact information. If any one of these items is missing, the web site will not be effective. Ever consider why the World Wide Web is also known as "The Information Superhighway?" Information, information,...
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Allinanchor, Allintitle, Allintext and other Google Keywords
Google Keywords
Google Keywords like: Allinanchor Allintitle Allintext Site Link can give you a greater understanding of how to get better placement in Google. Each of these keywords can help you understand better where you can focus your efforts to increase your ranking in Google. Here is a breakdown...
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SERPs dying? Get Real.
SERPs Dead? Dying?
Are the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) dying? I recently read the article "Is the SERP going extinct" on Bruce Clay's Blog and it really made me think. As search engines like Google start using more and more "Personalized Search" options, are they going to start offering "personalized...
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SEO World Championship SEO Contest Begins
GlobalWarming Awareness2007 Contest
Well there is another SEO contest going on, so we'll see how much SPAM comments start accumulating on discussion boards and blogs all over the world. This contest is for the keywords "globalwarming awareness2007 ". Those that rank highest on the big three (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) will...
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Fresh Content Will Bring Spiders and People Back For More
Fresh Content for Rankings
Fresh content will bring spiders (and people) back to your site more often. How often you update your website is extremely critical to your success on the web. First and foremost, search engines loves fresh content. Let's take two sites that cover the same topic. Site A who updates their site every...
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Clarify Your Unique Value Proposition
Unique Value Proposition
Clarifying your unique value proposition will help increase your sales. What is your website's unique value proposition? In short, your unique value proposition answers the question, "Why should I buy from you and not from your competitor."Now, if you don't understand your customers, you...
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A Goal for Every Page
Individual Web Page Goals
Get specific. And stick to it. I know we have spoken a lot about strategy and goals lately, but I can't stress how important it is to have a focus for your website. While reading "Web Word Wizardry" by Rachel McAlpine, she made a very good point. In a broad sense, every commercial web site...
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Realign Your Website Instead of Redesigning it
Don't Redesign, Realign
Realigning your website to your strategy is more beneficial than redesigning. It is absolutely essential to understand the concept of realigning your website to your strategy or realigning your strategy to your goals to stay competitive in the online market. I read a post recently...
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Free SEO Report - Review
Free SEO Report
A quick review of Shoemoney's "Free SEO Report". I've been a big Shoemoney follower for a long time, but when I read about his latest adventure I was suprised because I had already used the service - Free SEO Report, without knowing that he was behind it. Here is a quick review: The report contains...
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Web Marketing Basics - How to be Successful
4 Important Marketing Tips
Understanding These Marketing Basics will help your website do better
Understanding basic marketing skills increases your effectiveness on the internet. There are many aspects that you need to consider in order to be successful on the web, but there are some primary marketing skills that are exceptionally important. Much of your success will come from where you focus...
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