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Is Good Coding Key to Great Placement in MSN
Good Coding for Ranking in MSN
The two "big dogs," Google and Yahoo, now have a new competitor. MSN came out with a new search engine in February 2005 that has added good coding as a part of their ranking algorithm. They no longer get their results from other search engines, but now they have spiders of their own. Just...
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Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?
Search Engine Friendly Websites
If your website isn't search engine friendly, your website is not earning you enough money. Far too many web designers are actually graphic designers claiming to be website designers. Unfortunately, they know nothing (ok... maybe next to nothing) about how search engines work and what is necessary...
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Questions to Ask Your Web Developer
Interviewing Web Designers
Questions to ask before hiring a web developer.  SEOmoz recently posted some questions that they would ask when interviewing web developers. Figured I'd have a go at the questions and let you know where I stand: What Industry sites and blogs do you read regularly? I consistently read Matt Cutts,...
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Does Your Web Developer Have These Essential Traits?
Web Developer Traits
Here are some essential traits that all web developers should have. I recently read an article at seomoz that discussed the traits that most good web developers have (although I've modified the order a bit to fit my tastes).Are as accurate as possible. As we mentioned before, good programmers...
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AH Digital FX Studios Featured in River City Weekly
River City Weekly
Recently AH Digital FX Studios was featured in River City Weekly's article about businesses in Idaho that have succeeded on the web. (Full Article (535 K pdf) )Kevin Keefe remembers answering the phone in Idaho Falls late one night, and on the other end was a voice with a unique accent. “Hi,...
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Guide To Building Successful Websites
Planning and Developing
Planning and a Strong Foundation are vital to your website
Building a website requires careful planning and a strong foundation. There are many steps that you need to go through in order to get a website up and running. While many people may skip some steps or hurry through others, each step is an important part of the process as a whole. The first part of...
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